Angelina Jordan: Norway's Winner WINS Heidi Klum's Golden Buzzer! this is the summary of her BIOGRAPHY

To all those just discovering Angelina, please read this little bio to learn a little about what an amazing and kind soul she is Angelina Jordan - Angelina Jordan was born Jan 10 2006 in Oslo, Norway. She is currently 13 - She began singing at the age of one and a half - At 2 or 3 she discovered Jazz through Youtube videos and started studying all the greats from Jazz history. - Angelina always sings barefoot..... When Angelina was 6, she was traveling with her grandmother and met a poor girl with no shoes trying to make money on the streets. The girl complimented her on her pretty shoes, so Angelina took them off and gave them to the girl. She made a vow to always sing barefoot until all the children of the world could have shoes. To this day, whenever Angelina is performing in public, she sings barefoot to remind us that there are less fortunate people in the world that could use our help. (that's a shortened version. the full story is more touching than the way I have told it here). - She has always been the driving force behind her own singing career. It was her that asked her mother to take her to Norways Got Talent, where she auditioned at 7 years old and went on to win the show at just 8 years old. - In an interview after the show, when asked what she was going to do with the prize money, the 8 year old replied, "I would like to give it to orphans that need clothes and shoes" - When Angelina was 9 years old she became the youngest published author in Norway, when she wrote a book about the story of why she doesn't wear shoes when she sings. She donates proceeds from the sales of the book to help children in need. - The reason you may not have heard of her is because her parents are very protective of her childhood. They do not want her to be thrust into stardom before she has a chance to grow up as a normal child, and finish her education. They allow her to do a few select shows (mainly private and charity events) with a couple public shows every year when she is out of school. Her mother said in an interview that they have turned down 90% of the offers that come in. I have heard they have turned down offers from many major record labels and even disney. - Angelina has covered more than 100 songs over the last 6 years. She always selects the songs herself... everything ranging from old classic jazz to modern pop. She is able to change her voice to match any song she sings and make it her own. (she can cover Amy Winehouse and Lana del Rey and many other artists like nobody else can) - Angelina has collaborated with some very big names over the last few years... Quincy Jones, Mark Ronson, David Foster, and many more. All of which were blown away by her talent. - Angelina has written three of her own original songs: "What is Life", "Shield" and "Oslo". (all are amazing...all can be found on youtube) In summary, Angelina Jordan is destined to be one of the greatest singers to have ever lived. This is just my opinion, but if you listen closely to any of her stuff you will hear the greatness. She sings with a natural style, that really reflects her humble personality. There is no acting, no showing off, there are no unnecessary runs, or big belty notes just for the purpose of saying "hey look at me sing". She once said "when I sing I go into a magical world in my head", and you can always hear the results of that. When Angelina sings it is pure soul, pure emotion, pure music.