Only 18% of Americans approve of Mitt Romney in new Gallup Poll

Going NeverTrump is not working out very well for Mitt Romney.  An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released Sunday shows that his net approval ("very positive" plus "somewhat positive") has plunged to only 18% in the wake of his criticisms of President Trump, most recently his savaging of Trump over troop withdrawal from Syria, in the face of Democrat impeachment efforts.  The poll has a margin of error of 3.27% on a sample of 900 American adults.

Here is the Gallup data on Mitt's approval since 2006:

In recent polls, Mitt has lost both approval and disapproval, with neutral rising in support.  This probably means that he has gained little support from Democrats and liberals but has lessened his disapproval.

In 2006, when 56% of Americans didn't know his name or were unsure, the perecentage expressing approval was even lower than now, though as a percentage of those who had an opinion about him, his support was higher then.

His approval peaked just before the Romeny/Ryan ticket was voted on by Americans in 2012.  Now only 2% strongly approve.

Back home in Utah, where he was elected to the Senate, the news is also bad, though not quite as bad as nationally.   Here are the results of a poll by less than two weeks ago:

I can't pretend to understand Mitt Romney's psyche, but I wonder if he is the sort of man given to self-criticism and reflection.  And I wonder if he thinks the approval he may hear from the Beltway people he encounters in daily life may translate into national support.  If  so, these polls should help disabuse him of such notions. 

The social and media arbiters of Washington, D.C. opinion love to slather praise on Republicans who criticize their own, but when push comes to shove, the stiletto ends up between their shoulder blades.  Mitt is losing his constituency, and the Democrats will never forgive him for being a Republican who ran against St. Barack.