Joy Behar: Trump Rallies Are Fake, Full of Paid Actors

Co-host of The View Joy Behar decided to show how her conspiracy theory mind works by claiming that the individuals who attend President Trump’s rallies are paid actors.

Behar also went on to say that the Republican Party thinks that their voters are stupid and complained that Donald Trump Jr. and his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle dressed up as a witch and a hunter. Co-host Ana Navarro said, “maybe he should have worn a prison suit. Orange is the new black.”

The segment, which mimicked a group conversation at a mental institution, finally ended with Behar saying “If [Trump] gets away with this, who’s to say he can’t get away with anything? He’ll go into your taxes if you disagree with him. The next president can break all the laws.”

Ironically the Democrats and the media are the ones who are going after President Trump’s taxes. Also, the Democrats have been unable to list one crime that the President broke. These hosts have failed to realize that although they hate President Trump, there are many more people that like and admire what he is doing as President.

Most likely Ms. Behar’s assertion that the President is paying actors to attend his rallies is a reflection on her show’s own issues as their ratings still place them below three other daytime talk shows. Maybe she is thinking of paying people to watch The View to grow their depleting audience?


  1. ACTUALLY Joy is spot on because it's a well-documented fact that Trump paid people in the beginning of his 2015 campaign to show up at his stupid racist rallies. Whether he still does it now or to the same extent is unknown, but it is highly likely that any black people at his rallies are paid to be there. Either that or they'd have to be certifiably insane to be cozying up to the White Supremacist In Chief. Which is possible too I suppose, just look at all the crazy white people who are Trump fans, you gotta figure that at least a few black people have to be insane too.

    1. well-documented fact? show me! another lie of many lies !

    2. 1) Do your own homework, it's not my job to educate you and you're impervious to such efforts anyway. Proof would only be followed with 'But what about Hillary?' and other standard rightwing denial mechanisms. FIRST you have to WANT to know the truth.

      2) Trumpfellators have no moral basis from which to accuse ANYONE of lies, excusing as they do the multiple lies Trump spouts daily.

      3) Consider growing a conscience and becoming a decent human being.

    3. American Trekker your thoughts are so typical. Cry me a River. Your person didn’t get elected so you have whined the entire time Trump has been in Office. Well get ready to whine another 4 years because it is coming.

    4. HAHAHAHA you talk about 'whiny' while you worship President Bone Spurs who WHINES ALL THE TIME about how he's so mistreated, the poor little delicate draft-dodging snowflake. Please HOLD ON TO THOSE DELUSIONS ABOUT COMRADE TRUMPSKY'S REELECTION so we can both come back to this stupid spammy page in a year and have a BIG LAUGH about it, okay?

  2. Get real. How racist is it to imply that ALL BLACKS would have to be paid to show up at a Trump rally? How racist is it to imply that ALL of ANY group is always ANYTHING?

    How insulting is it to imply that blacks aren't capable of thinking for themselves? You saying blacks can't read? Can't reason? Can't see the lowest unemployment in history under Trump?

    How about maybe people are starting to see through the fake democrat front? Maybe people are seeing that the party that wanted slavery was the democrats? That the party that pushed Jim Crow was democrats? That the party that spawned the KKK was democrats? The party that fought to keep black students out of "white" schools was democrats? Maybe someone finally exposed democrat Hillary Clinton's HERO, Margaret Sanger, the female who designed, arranged, pushed, fought for Planned Parenthood did so for the sole purpose of genocide of the "inferior" black child? That the goal was population control, to wipe out black children and stop the spread? Again......DEMOCRAT.

    How about democrat President Johnson? His designing welfare to get black families to break up, to keep fathers out of the household in return for a government "paycheck" to support your children you don't abort? How about his crude statement of having blacks voting democrat for the next 200 years.....?

    There is a racist party, there is a party trying to control groups or people thereby controlling their votes, by controlling their very livelihood. That would be the democrat party. The very party who is in the middle of selling out the black race AGAIN. This time to embrace the Latino culture, because that demographic is surpassing the black culture in numbers...thereby votes....which is after all the whole reason democrats have been using blacks in the first place.

    How about we stop being European American, African American, Mexican American,....... How about we just be American? The way this nation was designed to work? How about we do what is good for this ENTIRE nation? Not just democrats, just republicans, just white, just black, just Asian, just Latino. Americans, one and all, the way our founders dreamed it to be.

    Stop using this BS race card to divide this nation. Let's do what is good for us all. Stop dividing, start being all inclusive.

    Grin n barrett

    1. Oh sure, a Trump fan who's all concerned about racism being a problem, that'll be the day. AS IF black and brown people can't tell Trump's a flaming-cross racist and ought to be fully aware he doesn't act in their best interests, and that pretending to by taking credit for the economy he inherited from Obama is just another one of his LIES? I credit black and brown people with a lot more intelligence than you do, troll. They ought to be and largely are repulsed by the same racism in Trump that David Duke and other Klan and Nazi-like white supremacists are attracted to. In fact every decent person of every color is repulsed by Trump's racism, some of us are just more personally threatened by it than others. You can deny it all you want but you're not gonna fool anybody -- if you're okay with Trump, you're racist scum like he is.

      Which fits with being okay with Trump's style of lying falsehoods too, and happy to propagate lies yourself. Unless you're REALLY so dumb as to not be aware that the party of slavery, the party of Jim Crow and the KKK which USED to be composed of people who called themselves 'Democrats', have now SWITCHED SIDES and vote Republican? Like you're SO IGNORANT that you never heard of Richard Nixon's 'southern strategy' of appealing to those bigots and that Reagan used the same strategy to win election too? Are you really THAT DUMB that you think you can blow smoke about TODAY's racism being not being concentrated among Republicans, just because long ago the problem was instead perpetrated by Democrats? I don't really think you're THAT DUMB, I think that being a Trump fan identifies you as the kind of person that is okay with spreading falsehoods, in this case the classic deception of doing so through devious selection of isolated facts while omitting the ones that would portray an accurate picture.

      Your pretending to be against racism is no more credible than Trump's similar lies are. 'Stop dividing' you say, while Trump has taken his RACIST desire to deport DACA beneficiaries all the way to the Supreme Court? You've got a lot of nerve, I'll give you that. Those people are as American as you are. It's Trump and his racist followers that ought to all be deported. It should be no mystery to you why people so despise you, right?


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