Actor Mickey Rourke Threatens The President In A New Interview

The Expendables star Mickey Rourke may be getting a visit from the Secret Service soon, after making some very specific threats of violence against President Donald Trump.

In a new, expletive-filled interview with, Rourke said he would beat up the President as part of a long-simmering feud between the two.

The 67-year-old actor was filming the movie Bullet in 1996 with rapper Tupac Shakur, and stayed in a Trump hotel. After trashing the suite they were in, Rourke and Shakur were sued by Trump for the damages.

Although the damage amounted to about $6,000 in total, Trump sued for $28,000 to cover extra expenses. As part of the suit, Trump reportedly made statements criticizing the two. Rourke took that personally.

When asked about the President, he said “That piece of s–t that’s sitting in the White House, that p—y, that lying c–ksucker. That no good f–king two faced f–king piece of s–t.”

Suffice it to say, Rourke is still upset over the lawsuit. “He said some really nasty things about the two of us,” the actor said. “And you know what? It’s personal.”

“There’s gonna be a day where he ain’t president, and we’re gonna bump into each other,” Rourke warned. “And you’re gonna feel me,” he said towards the President.

He then threatened to give Trump a “left hook from hell.”

Apparently oblivious to the federal law against threatening the President, Rourke said “You know what happens? What goes up, goes down. And when it goes down, it goes down like a motherf–ker. That’s the life we live in.”

Rourke continued to rant about his anger toward Trump. “He’s gonna feel me. You hear me? You’re gonna feel me. What you said about the two of us,” he said. He then vowed on his dead brother’s memory to get the President.

According to federal law, threatening the President is punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine of $250,000. The law states that “any threat to take the life of, to kidnap, or to inflict bodily harm upon the president of the United States” is a federal crime. The law also applies to presidential candidates and former presidents.

The Secret Service has not commented on the incident.

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  1. What else can you expect from a washed up, drug addicted boozer, who is so far from reality
    he cant find his nose in front of his ugly face. Uses Foul language to make him look tuff, but in
    reality HE IS THE Wimp. Hope the Secret Service charges this BAD ACTOR.

    1. They ( S.S. ) need to start charging ALL threats and I bet it will come to a screeching halt QUICKLY !

  2. It is amazing how envious and JEALOUS these people are. Trump is smart, something you don't seem to get. He is also blessed. Another thing you "celebrities" don't get. Try getting on your knees for prayer will be a refreshing change.

  3. I find that people who need to use profanity to get their point across aren’t very intelligent and what they’re saying tends to be garbage.

  4. Bullet was a badass movie and Tupac stayed at the top until he got dropped.
    .love Mickey Rourkes early work but sounds like another self important nobody hating on a real Honcho

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I think they should
    start rounding up all
    the ones that have
    made any kind of
    threat toward the
    President. People don't
    like him because he is
    smart, he is a great
    businessman, and he is
    not a politician who
    can be bought like
    the rest of the crooked
    politicians in Washington.

  7. Threatening the President is UNACCEPTABLE, no matter who you are!! Secret Service needs to pay him a visit. Maybe someone should reconstruct his face....his plastic surgeon obviously did a horrible job!!

  8. What an idiot! He used to be a pretty good actor. Now he's just wasted flesh.

  9. He looks like an old crackhead woman. Another loud mouth sissy like De Niro.

  10. Gods intervention has placed this man in the White House, he defeated a rigged election, and the Democrats have done nothing from that day forward but cry ,and complain! And after exhausting themselves, ake a vacation every 3 weeks, on the tax payers money!
    Only a matter of time before Trump takes away their meal ticket! And puts their crooked butt's in prison! For some of them, "hopefully ", military tribunals, for the main ring leaders, like Pelosi, Shift, Biden, and most of all "Obama, and the Clintons!!!!
    And any brain dead Democrats, that do not think that this is fair justice?
    Pack your shit an get the hell out of "Our Great Country "!
    You don't deserve to be somewhere that you are trying to destroy!
    Signed a true patriotic American!
    "AMERICANS FOR TRUMP, 2020"!!!!


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