Pissed Off Mayor Just Sent Bounty Hunters To Round Up Hundreds Of Illegal Muslim Migrants

He is city hall leader of Asotthalom, Hungary, a community that outskirts Serbia. 

During the displaced person emergency, thousands poured in over the unprotected outskirt. 

At first look, the video resembles a Hollywood spine chiller. Set to strident, forceful music, it demonstrates a gathering of strong men utilizing motorbikes, helicopters and even steeds to race over the field in quest for human quarry. 

By Andrew Malone 

At the point when the objectives are caught, they are wrestled to the ground and their hands bound as the watch individuals, in disguise garments, stand menacingly over them. 

Be that as it may, the 'storyteller' whose voice can be heard over these chilling scenes isn't a generously compensated motion picture star. He is, truth be told, a commonplace government official, and his message is unequivocal: 'Hungary is an awful decision for transients.' 

He's been consistent with his promise. His group of abundance seekers have gotten many outsiders endeavoring to make it into Hungary, while in transit to neighboring Austria and past, on the purported Balkan sneaking course. The man's name is Laszlo Toroczkai, a magnetic 45-year-old city hall leader who has made it his labor of love to counteract what he calls the devastation of his nation. 

Exasperatingly, his perspectives are progressively being reverberated by his countrymen. 

City hall leader Toroczkai is accountable for a little Hungarian town called Asotthalom, on the fringe with Serbia — a country still outside the EU — which was pitched into the focal point of the displaced person emergency in 2015, when a huge number of workers began pouring over the unprotected outskirt every day. 

The emergency emitted after Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, reported to the world that Europe would invite outcasts, inciting more than one million to make a beeline for Germany alone, while a huge number of others made for Britain, France and Italy. 

With local people in Asotthalom — a conventional cultivating town with a populace of 5,000 — discovering gatherings of outsiders dozing in their nurseries and sheds, and others viewing alarmed as thousands gushed through the focal point of the town on their way through Europe, the civic chairman chose enough was sufficient. 

He has presented a zero-resistance strategy against all vagrants, saying that the exceptionally eventual fate of Europe is in question in view of individuals he calls Muslim 'trespassers' and 'future psychological militants', and has pledged to stop this development of individuals. 

'It is significant for the town to save its conventions,' he says. 'We can see enormous Muslim people group in western Europe that haven't had the option to coordinate — and we would prefer not to have a similar encounter here.' 

He has declared new principles for the town he runs, and needs the remainder of Hungary to go with the same pattern, prohibiting the structure of mosques, making the Muslim call to petition illicit, and restricting the burqa and the 'burkini' bathing suit. He says the measures are critical to forestalling Muslims 'causing apprehension, caution and stun among local people'. 

There is no uncertainty that a large number of his individual comrades share his dislike for transients. The most clear indication of this is the restricting wire fence — named the new 'Iron Curtain' by a few — that currently extends 110 miles along the fringe with Serbia.