Ocasio-Cortez And Omar Vow To Remove Senior’s ‘Entitlements’, Social Security/Medicare

Youthful newcomers Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the communist, and Ilhan Omar, the Muslim, have a plan. They plan to cheat our most noteworthy age by expelling from them everything that we have earned throughout the years. They don't work for the improvement of the country. They just pay special mind to themselves.

The two held a joint public interview yesterday to report their aim to expel from senior natives what they named "privileges, for example, Social Security and Medicare. Omar demonstrated her absence of class and comprehension of how America functions when she ventured up to the amplifier.

"America is for the youthful. It is the young of this nation that work to make it extraordinary. They are profitable and assessment paying. They contribute… ..not at all like our senior natives who just take. Retirees are dead weight."

That discourse addressed Omar's powerlessness or reluctance to acclimatize to American culture. In Somalia, where she is from, seniors are ousted and left to fight for themselves in the wilderness, where they before long die. It appears she needs the equivalent to occur here.
Cortez, obviously, needed to put in her input, which is all her brain is worth :

"In communism, we work for the benefit of the system. The entire issues more than the person. Individuals make penances.

Government managed savings and Medicare cost America many billions of dollars consistently. What's more, for what? Fora pack of bums with nothing left to give. That cash would be much better spent on low pay lodging and welfare for the youngsters of America who simply need an advantage."

You previously observed Alexandria at the highest point of the page. I'm just tossing this up cuz she looks hot.

In the event that these two truly think President Trump would enable them to pull this off, they're greater morons than we've at any point thought. Trump swore never to contact Social Security or Medicare and he is a man of his promise.