Megan Rapinoe: My Girlfriend Says ‘They’re Going to Ask You to Run for President’ OAN NEWS

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U.S. ladies' soccer star Megan Rapinoe disclosed to MSNBC's Rachel Maddow on Wednesday evening that her better half—WNBA and UConn legend Sue Bird—revealed to her that she needs to moderate her move since left-wing activists are "going to approach you to keep running for president."

While driving the ladies' soccer crew to its fourth World Cup, Rapinoe rose as one of the images of the counter Trump opposition by declining to put her hand over her heart and sing the national hymn.

Rapinoe, who likewise picked up reputation when she began to bow during the national song of devotion in help of Colin Kaepernick, told Eight by Eight preceding the World Cup that she would not like to go to the "screwing White House" if the group won the World Cup.

In the wake of illuminating Rapinoe about a left-wing Public Policy Polling survey that discovered Rapinoe beating Trump by a point in a theoretical 2020 presidential matchup, Maddow stated: "Along these lines, I mean, I don't believe you will declare that you're running for president."

Rapinoe reacted: "Yes. No, I'm most certainly not."

At the point when Maddow approached what is coming down the road for Rapinoe, she stated: "My better half in reality just stated, you should be cautious. They will approach you to keep running for president. You have to moderate your roll."

Maddow said she was not asking Rapinoe to run but rather "simply proposing that others are surveying on it."

"They're stating, individuals are stating it," Rapinoe reacted as Maddow concurred. "I don't have a clue, to be completely forthright. I think things have changed significantly in these, you know, only these couple of days. I'm eager to sort of delve in and see truly where I can take this. I imagine that I've been somewhat needing that for various years and how would we – how would we bring it out of just games and out of soccer and out of the things that we have been doing and that I've been doing into something way greater?"

Rapinoe said with regards to the equivalent pay contention, she is considering "what's the most ideal approach to get individuals activated, regardless of whether that is in casting a ballot or simply getting individuals progressively taught and increasingly connected to what's going on in our governmental issues and in our lives."

"Furthermore, I believe I'm prepared for that, as, next thing," Rapinoe proceeded. "I need to be increasingly effective. I feel like the cash where the mouth is the most ideal approach and attempting to, truly, I theory influence this minute yet in addition comprehend there is something a great deal more."

Maddow finished up the meeting by telling Rapinoe: "I think the nation is prepared for you."