FBI arrests ex-Puerto Rico officials for disaster aid-funded payoffs OAN NEWS

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The FBI has captured two previous Puerto Rico authorities for channeling debacle help installments to politically associated temporary workers.

The Wednesday captures have incited worry on Capitol Hill that the island's defilement will dull the viability of an as of late passed fiasco help bill. Rep. Raúl Grijalva, D-Ariz., has called for Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló's acquiescence, as per the Washington Post.

The FBI prosecution charges Puerto Rico's previous Education Secretary Julia Keleher, previous Health Insurance Agency Chief Ángela Ávila-Marrero, and four others with violations identified with grifting U.S. catastrophe help. Keleher and Ávila-Marrero both served in Rosselló's organization before leaving in April and June, separately.

Rosselló himself isn't under scrutiny. Grijalva is the executive of the House Natural Resources Committee, which is regulating the recuperation exertion on the island from Hurricane Maria in 2017.

"We've crossed that pot now," Grijalva said. "The rebuilding of responsibility is so key going ahead."

The captures come a long time after Congress passed a $19 billion debacle help bill to the island that is as yet battling after the September 2017 sea tempest seriously harmed the island's framework and power network.

The bill, thought about a triumph for Democrats at the time, gave considerably more subsidizing to Puerto Rico than President Trump needed. Trump and a few House Republicans had slowed down the bill for quite a long time.

Trump said Washington had just provided the U.S. region with a lot of help. House traditionalists opposed what they saw as an endeavor by House Democrats to pass an enormous subsidizing bill without discussion.

Trump condemned Puerto Rico's political pioneers as "awkward or degenerate" in April while challenging Democrats' calls to give all the more financing to the region.