BREAKING: Shep Smith To Be Canned Because He Can’t Control His Hate For Donald Trump

A week ago, Fox News stay Shepard Smith assaulted President Donald Trump for his affirmation that the news media regularly underreports on radical Islamic fear assaults. To help his point, Smith recorded a few fear assaults that were on the White House's dubious rundown, saying Fox News secured them broadly.

"The president's declaration is false," Smith contended. "The White House realizes that it was false or could have realized that it was false with a speedy Google check, however either did not do as such or chose not to come clean."

Smith additionally expedited Wall Street Journal partner editorial manager John Bussey for a meeting to help assault Trump.

"What they're stating isn't valid… Again… Why trouble?" he inquired.

This isn't the first run through Trump has offended Fox News watchers with his lack of regard of the president. In July, he condemned previous Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal for saying "all lives matter." After a presidential discussion with Hillary Clinton, Smith recommended Trump was an "extremist." In another fragment, he contrasted Christians' resistance with gay marriage to Sharia law.

Devotees of Fox News have over and again called for Smith to be expelled from the system.

"Let me get straight to the point," @starlady24 composed. "I can't stand Shepard Smith. He has a place on CNN alongside Juan Williams, Julie Rozinski, Jessica Tarlov, Marie Harf, and Geraldo."

"@FoxNew How would you keep Shepard Smith? He called POTUS a liar 3x today. Blacklist Shepard Smith's SHOW… if it's not too much trouble Retweet," @algarrow included.

"@FoxNews yet you enabled Shepard Smith to fundamentally complete a hit piece on @realDonaldTrump," @RobertCaresToo tolled in