Angel Dad Rakes AOC Over The Coals – ‘You’re A Ridiculous Example Of A Human Being’

This blessed messenger father has each option to be incensed – and he reprimands AOC.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez keeps on insulting Americans.

As you've most likely heard, she as of late contrasted the administration's transient detainment focus with the death camps of WWII.


This lady doesn't appear to comprehend whatever's going on. She just pushes the most outrageous explanations by the left, and with no respect for the outcomes of her untrustworthy words.

Indeed, in any event this time she will have to claim up to them.

Since a disappointed and perturbed Angel Dad just gotten her out BIG time.

Steve Ronnebeck's child was executed by one of the a great many individuals crossing the fringe illegal, and he has each privilege to be disturbed.

He rapidly took to Twitter and pummeled Ocasio-Cortez for being actually that which she professes to detest:

"Alexandria Ocasio Cortez you are a ludicrous case of an individual.

I will currently 'twofold down' on my announcements of yesterday!

You are the most noticeably terrible case of a government official, YOU are a detest monger and a supremacist and the ONLY satisfactory reaction from you is your quick acquiescence."

Ronnebeck's child was one more casualty of a criminal who ought to never have been here in any case.

It's these sorts of individuals that Donald Trump is battling to keep out of the nation: similar individuals who AOC is by all accounts staying up for.

In this way, Ronnebeck was legitimately shocked that an administrator would utilize such moronic talk to shield undocumented vagrants.

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For the brief span AOC has been in Washington, she's demonstrated badly prepared for her activity. She appears to have zero learning of the crucial issues confronting our nation.

Additionally, she appears to come up short on an essential comprehension of how our administration and economy work. That doesn't prevent her from having the daringness to blame Trump for running "inhumane imprisonments" … does this lady have any sense?

Ronnebeck's reaction to AOC was fierce and solid. Be that as it may, it originated from a man whose child ought to be alive today.

A child that passed on in light of the fact that Democrats—like AOC—are putting outcasts in front of Americans.