Italy’s hardcore Interior Minister tells the world that Italy does NOT want and will NOT accept Muslim migrants – ‘OUR PORTS ARE CLOSED’ OAN NEWS

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Italy's populist Interior Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini reports that Italian ports are CLOSED. 

The homeless people were snatched from Libya intending to go to Malta yet were gotten some separation from Malta so the NGO Proactiva Open Arms referenced to be empowered entry to Italy. 

Salvini replied: "My answer is clear: Italian ports are closed!" Mr Salvini tweeted. "For the sellers of individuals and for the people who help them, the fun is done." 

This began disturbance in the human managing NGO who replied on twitter: "We continue with 311 people prepared, without port and requiring supplies," saying that they had defended more than 300 vagrants from three vessels in a difficult situation, including men, women, adolescents and babies. 

Presenting the keen bogus thought of addressing sentiments, they continued to state: 

"If you could feel the cold in the photos, it is increasingly clear the emergency. No port to land and Malta's refusal to give us sustenance. This isn't Christmas." An odd thing to state given the vast majority of the vagrants are of the Islamic certainty, thusly not watching Christmas at any rate. 

Tweeting further to Matteo, Open Arms' creator Oscar Camps went onto express that "your discussion and your message will, for example, everything in this life, end. Regardless, you ought to understand that in a few decades your relatives will be humiliated about what you do and say."