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kenya muslims kill at least 150 christians in attack in university OANN NEWS


“Earthquakes are caused by the Jeans-Wearing Women” says Muslim Imam OANNEWS

Illegal Immigrants Submit a List of Demands to America in a New ‘Bill of Rights’ OANNEWS

IRS Defends Giving Refunds to Illegal Immigrants OANNEWS

SOMEONE DID IT: Liberal Matt Damon plans to leave US for Australia to get away from Trump OAN NEWS

The Pope proudly says that the Koran is a book of peace because Islam is not a violent religion OAN NEWS

Elementary School Teacher Bans 1st-Graders from Saying “Jesus” or G-d”, but Allah is OK OAN NEWS

Muslim Students At Public School Walk Out When NATIONAL ANTHEM Plays OANNEWS

Italy: Muslims Destroy and Urinate on Virgin Mary Statue OAN NEWS

Italy’s hardcore Interior Minister tells the world that Italy does NOT want and will NOT accept Muslim migrants – ‘OUR PORTS ARE CLOSED’ OAN NEWS

Muslims whine that singing the national anthem is “forced assimilation” and it offends them OAN NEWS

Do You Support A Restaurants Right To Refuse To Provide Special Foods For Muslims? OANNEWS

“10-12 Muslim Somali teen males armed with hammers” chased passengers in Minneapolis OAN NEWS

LGBT community outraged as John Hopkins psychiatrist says that being transgender is a mental disorder and sex changes are biologically impossible OAN NEWS

Loretta Lynch Signed Every Single FISA Warrant To Spy On Trump Campaign. OANNEWS